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Prevent Support Calls


I’m experiencing high volumes of support calls and warranty issues because my team isn’t installing a new product properly.


An automotive aftermarket manufacturer had developed a new process to diagnose and install a signature product. The support team was fielding a lot of calls because the product was being installed without full understanding of whether a replacement part was required or fixing upstream issues was causing abnormalities in warranty repair issues. While the diagnostic process wasn’t overly complicated, performing it properly was an issue in the field and critical to determining when and how to install the new part. The corporation had developed a “talking head” video which was met with little response and zero impact on the desired metrics.


The Tortal Team gathered and reviewed existing documentation, interviewed key personnel to understand the situation and the new process. Based on that information, Tortal redesigned the video learning content. The new content leveraged 3D modeling, on screen text and voiceover to accurately demonstrate the necessary steps to accurately diagnose an issue. The new demonstration was shorter, focused on key information and more visually engaging. The qualities made the information presented easy to remember but also easy to review in the shop environment at the moment of need. The new design also took into account the video would be translated into multiple languages.

Business Result:

The business impact was an immediate increased usage of the learning by over 300% . There was an immediate and significant decrease in support calls related to warranty issues for the product. While an exact impact is difficult to determine support calls and warranty issues decreased by over 34%. Additionally, the asset has been leverage by the entire automotive industry in general as a method to educate technicians on what is a best practice for this service issue.

The Services We Used

Learning Development

We are Learning Matter Experts. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, we can help in all media. We’ve designed effective solutions for everything from quick-serve restaurants to advanced manufacturing plants. The Tortal team of instructional designers and developers will make sure your learning solution changes behavior and moves the needle.

Learning Strategy

Save yourself a year of meetings, wasted time, effort and money! Let the Tortal team of learning strategists design your curriculum accurately and quickly. The result is a clearly defined strategy that enables you and your leadership team to make informed business decisions based on proven learning development strategies.

Learning Technology

In today’s fast-changing world of devices, browsers, apps and more, it’s difficult for most organizations to keep up with all the choices. In Tortal, you have a partner who specializes in knowing ALL the options, so you can choose the right ones for your timeline and budget.

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