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Welcome to Rhinebeck High School

     At Rhinebeck High School we are proud to offer “big school” opportunities in a small school learning environment.

     What does this mean? It means we offer students 10 Advanced Placement Courses, we offer instrumental and vocal music, we offer a four year fine arts sequence, we have a cutting edge physical education curriculum, after school we support an articulated interscholastic athletic program for young men and women at the modified, junior varsity, and varsity levels for a total of 12 sports, and our district sponsors over 15 extracurricular clubs. Part of our mission is to give each student every opportunity we can to learn and grow to prepare them for the tests of life.

     We are also a small learning community. We have 386 enrolled students served by 54 caring, dedicated faculty and staff. Those individuals work very hard to personalize the learning environment—our students are known as individuals, and as individual learners. Our faculty gets to know their students in and outside the classroom, and it is another priority that no student will slip between the cracks. As a result, we have excellent graduation rates and excellent college attendance rates. Within this small school environment, students feel safe to take intellectual risks and to push themselves because they know they are supported.

     Please do not hesitate to contact me at edavenport@rhinebeckcsd.org or at 871-5500 with any questions!

Edwin Davenport


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