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Tendril Acquires EnergySavvy: Aiming to Strategically Position Themselves in the Competitive Landscape of Utility Customer Engagement

On May 3rd, 2019, Tendril announced the agreement to acquire EnergySavvy in a strategic move to gain more market share in the competitive utility home energy management space.  Tendril’s core offerings have been focused on residential customer engagement products and services, which provide personalized energy efficiency and demand side management products and programs. The acquisition of EnergySavvy brings advanced personalization capabilities to the Tendril Platform.

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Using KPIs and Metrics to Demonstrate IT’s Business Contributions

KPIs and Metrics IDC Blog

For CIOs, metrics are a key means of measuring the performance and effectiveness of their IT organizations in support of organizational improvement. During the recent IDC web conference ” New Metrics & KPIs for the Digitally Transformed IT Organization,” my colleague Bill Keyworth and I shared the results from our latest IDC MeasureScape survey and discussed new metrics and KPI’s for digitally transforming IT organizations working on infrastructure modernization and cloud adoption.

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Looking back at NRF, and the New Infrastructures on Show: Edge computing and 5G

If there was any doubt about a renewed focus on retail infrastructure, this was dispelled at NRF’s Big Show 2019 , and this has become even clearer in the weeks following. As we traversed the floors and booths, there were many conversations to be had around AI, IOT, “frictionless commerce”, and other “store of the future” technologies that digitally determined retailers are deploying in order to transform their physical consumer touch points.

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SAP Chemicals Best Practices: Takeaways from the 2019 event

SAP Chemicals Best Practices

Last month, the Best Practices for Chemicals Conference took place in Houston, Texas under the motto “Empowering the Intelligent Enterprise”. Running this event now the 5th time it was again a great success. With numerous customers, prospects, partners and SAP experts a unique crowd of business, functional and technology professionals came together to embrace innovative solutions, fresh ideas and best-in-class strategies for transforming chemical business into intelligent enterprises.

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Leadership Strategies

Strategic Architecture: A Stepping-Stone to IT Transformation (ITX)

“Architecture is not about installing infrastructure, but designing ways that information is stored and moved,” says Joe Spagnoletti, CIO of US LBM, a $3 billion specialty distributor of lumber, roofing, siding, and other building materials across 30 states. “When it comes to technology, we want to stay ahead of our competition, but not our technology partners,” he says. To do this successfully requires “people who understand the business and what connects to what and where we can disintermediate competitors or change the way things work by connecting things together in ingenious ways,” Spagnoletti says. These people are the company’s architects.

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AI Leadership Strategies

Artificial Intelligence: 15 takeaways from AGENDA19 to help you succeed with AI

Reflecting on my past day and a half attending AGENDA19, I am happy to share that I feel immersed with intelligence. AGENDA is an annual business leadership conference focused on driving organizations forward in changing times.

The overarching theme for our AI/ML sessions was “Where Companies are Winning with Digital” and it was covered in two segments:

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Autonomous Mobile Robots Prominent at Recent Supply Chain Events

Over the past two weeks, I have been to two supply chain events and at each of them autonomous mobile robots were a focal point.  The first was LogiMat, an international trade show for Intralogistics, held in Stuttgart Germany.  LogiMat is a massive event, with over 60,000 attendees and exhibitors across all aspects of supply chain and logistics.  Notable autonomous mobile robotics exhibitors included 6River Systems, Geek+, Magazino, and GreyOrange. 

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Leadership Strategies Procurement

4 Key Actions to Transform Your Procurement Organization

4 Key Actions to Address Sourcing and Procurement Challenges

Before diving into the key actions you can follow to transform your procurement organization, let’s consider a recent scenario I heard from a client. This will give you a better picture of the kinds of problems the key actions provided further in this article can help you tackle.

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Retail Renaissance: Takeaways from the NRF “Big Show” 2019

NRF’s Big Show 2019 should have been held in Phoenix. Like that city’s namesake, a long-lived bird of mythology, retail cyclically regenerates, arising from the ashes of its predecessor. While retail is clearly not in ashes, it is being reinvented before our eyes.

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Utility Grid Attacks Highlight the Need for Digital Trust

IDC Digital Trust Blog

Over the past two years there has been mounting evidence of the Russians attacking the U.S. utility grid. Recently, the Wall Street Journal provided more specific details about the campaign revealing that hundreds of small contractors were attacked. While the techniques used were not novel, the campaign highlights an increasingly pervasive problem, as the Journal points out:

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