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“Do it for your foremothers that never got the chance.
Translation: America can’t celebrate 100 years of female suffrage until 2065
Yup. I need to bring this up at my next board meeting. Before all the...




Do it for your foremothers that never got the chance.

Translation: America can’t celebrate 100 years of female suffrage until 2065

Yup. I need to bring this up at my next board meeting. Before all the planning for 2020 starts in earnest.

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this is literally how i dance

This went from “wow that’s pretty neat” to “WTF ITS ALIVE” real quick

she did that




Poland has been descending into Fascism for a while now, with a left-wing mayor being murdered and a fuckton of white supremacist rallies

and now they’ve released a ‘How to spot a Jew’ newspaper article

I really wish this made more coverage, because Poland’s descent has been so quiet media-wise, and it shouldn’t be allowed to do that


A right-wing national weekly newspaper in Poland has published an article on its front page that explains to its readers “how to recognize a Jew.”

The Tylko Polska, or Only Poland, ran the story alongside its main headline, which read, “Attack on Poland at a conference in Paris,” and voiced anger at alleged anti-Polish speakers at a Holocaust studies conference in Paris last month.

The “recognize a Jew” piece lists “names, anthropological features, expressions, appearances, character traits, methods of operation” and even supposed “disinformation activities” that might mark out a Jewish person, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported. The headline added, “How to defeat them? This cannot go on!”

The newspaper was delivered to the lower house of the Polish parliament—the Sejm—on Wednesday, as part of the weekly package of publications sent to lawmakers there.

Michal Kamiski, of the center-right Poland Comes First party, told a press conference that the newspaper’s presence was unacceptable, Polsat News reported.

Only Poland is published by nationalist political candidate and musician Leszek Bubl. In the past, he has sung anti-Semitic songs about “rabid” rabbis, the JTA reported.

Initially, Andrzej Grzegrzolka—the director of the Sejm Information Center—said the newspaper was being sold in kiosks within the parliament, meaning it was not up to the Information Center to regulate its sale. He suggested law enforcement authorities were more suited to deal with the issue.

But as outcry grew, Grzegrzolka said the Center would request the removal of Only Poland from the parliament’s press kit, to avoid causing further offence.

The anti-Semitic headline ran alongside the front page article complaining that speakers at last month’s Holocaust studies meeting in Paris had been attacking Poland. It was printed with a photo of Jan Gross, a Polish Jew who teaches at Princeton University.

Gross has regularly said that Poles collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, helping Adolf Hitler’s regime murder millions of their Jewish countrymen. He has become a favored target for Polish nationalists, who rail against any suggestion of Polish complicity in the genocide.

Gross was awarded the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in 1996. However, in 2016, the nationalist Law and Justice government was reportedly considering stripping the scholar of the honor for what it considers his anti-Polish work.

The government has been accused of trying to rewrite history by banning any suggestion of Polish complicity in the Holocaust. Use of the phrase “Polish death camps” to refer to Nazi-run concentration camps like Auschwitz, for example, is now punishable by up to three years in prison.


Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital: Crowd of mostly young people carries banners that read ‘Europe Will Be White’ and ‘Clean Blood’

[…] The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and many chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from Hungary, Slovakia and Spain and waved flags and symbols that those countries used during their wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.

A number of people in the crowd said they didn’t belong to any neo-fascist or racist organization but didn’t see a problem with the overall tone of what has become Poland’s biggest independence day event.

“There are of course nationalists and fascists at this march,” said Mateusz, a 27-year-old wrapped in a Polish flag, “I’m fine with it. I’m just happy to be here.”

The march, organized by a group called the National Radical Camp, underscores the rightward politics of a growing section of Polish youth. The Radical Camp presents itself as the heir to a 1930s fascist movement of the same name, which fought to rid Poland of Jews in the years just before the Holocaust. A second group, All Polish Youth, also named after an anti-Jewish interwar movement, co-organized it.

Officials in the city government said they thought the march reflected poorly on Poland, but they said they had no choice but to approve the demonstration, as it fulfilled the legal requirements: It qualified as a celebration of Polish history. “This is not the type of event I would take my children to,” said Agnieszka Kłąb, spokesperson for the Warsaw City Council.

The Radical Camp has been holding independence-day marches since 2009. Until several years ago, it struggled to attract more than a few hundred people. In the past three years, it has become the largest independence-day occasion in Poland, and one of the largest nationalist marches of its kind anywhere in Europe. Saturday’s was expected to be the largest ever. Police estimated the crowd at 60,000.

“It’s getting more and more vicious,” said Jakub Skrzypek, 25, one of about a dozen counterprotesters standing behind a banner that read “We Are Polish Jews” and surrounded by police. “We are really in fear.”

The Radical Camp’s followers argue, on their social-media accounts and in their literature, that the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe is part of a conspiracy driven by Jewish financiers, who are working with Communists in the European Union to bring Muslims into Europe, and with them, Shariah law and homosexuality.

The group has regularly held events to mark a 1936 pogrom against Jews. Its symbols were displayed on a banner that appeared over a Warsaw bridge, reading: “Pray for Islamic Holocaust.”

This year, the group said it was adopting a new slogan, a quote from a July speech here by President Donald Trump : “We want God.”


The crowds drawn to Saturday’s march reflect the politics taking hold in the soccer clubs and youth hangouts where Radical Camp recruits. The group holds a staunch nativist standpoint, saying the European Union and Russia represent equal threats to Polish sovereignty. It argues that Polish people should nationalize the assets belonging to foreign corporations and distribute the profits across an ethnically homogenous state.

Similar movements have taken hold—even captured seats in parliament—in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Some of these countries are among Europe’s most prospering. Poland is the only country in the EU that didn’t experience a single quarter of economic contraction after the financial crisis.

Still, the fear that Poland is under siege by distant elites has captured the imagination of some here, as has the worry that hordes of immigrants could soon pour over the border. Government-controlled media broadcasts near-nightly reports on crimes committed by Muslims in Europe. On Saturday, Polish state television called the procession a “great march of patriots.

“It’s like this inner need we have,” said Lukasz, a 24-year-old protester. “We want a Poland that will be for Polish people.” 

Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital (November 11, 2017)

Notice how closely intertwined Islamophobia and antisemitism are intertwined in their white nationalism

Of course, western capitalist media coverage of modern Polish fascism is mostly garbage that downplays Polish fascism as “center-right”, “patriotism,” “independence after communist oppression”, “still struggling after living under soviet tyranny”, etc.


A far-right activist in Warsaw, Poland, holds a Confederate flag and a White Pride flag while taking part in a July 2015 demonstration against accepting over 2,000 immigrants to the country. (WOJTEK RADWANSKI via Getty Images)

“A far right activist” 🤢🤢🤢

White Polish Christians have been so fucking bitter that they didn’t get to continue having their Nazism for the rest of the 20th century after the defeat of the Nazis by the Soviets, and now they’re going full-steam ahead with it again



TRANSLATION: The LGBT dictatorship is coming. How to defend oneself from it?


The right-wing newspaper Do Rzeczy (Meaning ‘To The Point’) has released an article called ‘The LGBT dictatorship is coming. How to defend oneself from it? ‘ which calls for a Catholic-Counter-Revolution against the ‘LGBT Threat’ 

This is also linked to antisemitism as they believe that ‘homorevolution’ is an attack on the Catholic Church- which they perceive to be the only force stopping ‘Them’ (AKA, Jewish People)


I watched a documentary about stylized posters and why they don’t show up as much as they used to and its because of focus group testing. A bunch of studios test out these posters on random people and when they show posters like the spiderman one their like 

“The poster is a cartoon that means the movie is a cartoon, im an adult i don’t watch cartoons” 

They prefer the dull poster since it has all the celebrities because their like “hey i recognize that person i like them i will see the movie”

If your interested in the doc its called “ 24X36: A Movie About Movie Posters “ another one i recommend  “ Drew: The Man Behind the Poster”

tldr: posters today are dull cause a lot of people are dumb

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Baby bird season is incoming and I’d like to remind everyone that birds do not have a significant sense of smell. Bird parents will not reject birdlets because you have handled them.

If you see smol birbs with few or no feathers on the ground, you can safely put them back into their nest, bird parents will still care for them.

If you see smol birbs with some or most feathers on the ground, please leave them there, as bird parents are probably nearby watching and feeding.

nakey bird = accidentally fell out, is cold and scared, put back in nest! if you can’t reach the nest, try to put it on a wide branch or fork so predators can’t get at it as easily.

scruffy feather bird = starting to try the fly thing, not very good at it. only put in nest/branch if predators abound, i.e. you have four outdoor cats and they’re licking their chops.

fluffy feather bird = smol fly guy! do nothing. can probably get away from predators and will flip its shit if you pick it up.

Reblogging this because I’d always heard the ‘Don’t touch a distressed bird its mom will reject it’ thing treated as fact before now, I didn’t realise it wasn’t true…

Spring is coming, time to reblog this again.

an equally friendly reminder to not let your cats and dogs near downed woodland animals. The bacteria they carry can be very harmful and a dog that’s gentle and sweet with you is likely to consider a baby bird as a tasty mouthful.



whatever your opinion about aang not killing ozai, I think we can all agree that ozai would have literally rather died than live the rest of his life as That Guy Who Got The Shit Kicked Outta Him By A 12-Year-Old Pacifist Monk.

me: aang is a very powerful avatar and the fact that he was able to mostly-master all the elements at such a young age means he would be a terrifying opponent!

also me: avatar roku’s spirit spends at least 30% of his time haunting ozai, slapping trash can lids together & yelling “you got beat up by caillou”






I wish I put as much effort into my life as Phil Collins did into the Tarzan soundtrack

One time my Spanish 2 teacher was like “I dont have a lesson today. We’re watching Tarzan” and put it in the VHS (This was 2010). We [sophomores - seniors, I was a junior] were super excited. The movie starts and my friend and I look at each other and say at the same time “IS PHIL COLLINS SINGING IN SPANISH?!” I went home that night and found out Phil Collins sang the songs in the English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French versions of the film. Mind blown.

He did not have to go that HORD but Phil did it for us


Here’s a compilation, for anyone interested

Ok first of all





can someone caption this? I cant read all of them

1) “Levi’s uses abrasive blasting, killing workers" 

2) “New Look uses sweatshops”

 3) “River Island pays its workers half the minimum wage" 

4) “H&M uses slave labour" 

5) “H&M uses sweatshops”

6) “Asos uses sweatshops”

7) “Bershka - owned by Inditex - uses child labour”

8) “Stradivarius- owned by Inditex - uses child labour" 

9) “Mango - 1135 dead in the Savar building collapse”

A lot of people in the notes are getting real defensive while missing the point of the post. For one thing, no where on this post does it tell you not to shop at these places or that youre a bad person if you do. The post is about showing the hypocrisy of these brands emptily co-opting social justice movements for profit, something extremely rampant right now. Its an information post. Its an attack on the corporations, not the individual.

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“ nthn27:
“Me approaching 30
The dental assistant I saw today was delighted at me saying ‘don’t half-ass anything–you gotta whole-ass it,’ because she likes learning that “youth” stuff to sling at her teenagers. So I taught her the proper...



Me approaching 30

The dental assistant I saw today was delighted at me saying ‘don’t half-ass anything–you gotta whole-ass it,’ because she likes learning that “youth” stuff to sling at her teenagers. So I taught her the proper usage of “yeet/yote”, and as I left the dentist office I heard a distant “YEET” and then crashing sounds in the back.

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“Who’s a heretic now?


Who’s a heretic now?