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Four hecklers were filmed yelling at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a Louisville restaurant as he was dining with his wife - with one of them shouting 'Why don't you get out of here? Why don't you leave the entire country?' The incident took place on Friday night at Havana Rumba, where four men were seen confronting the Kentucky Republican while he was having dinner with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

Trump says U.S. will pull out of nuclear deal with Russia

President Donald Trump confirmed Saturday that the United States plans to leave a landmark nuclear weapons treaty with Russia over claims Moscow has violated the deal. The three-decade-old Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, known as the INF, was signed in 1987 by president Ronald Reagan. 'We're the ones who have stayed in the agreement and we've honored the agreement, but Russia has not unfortunately honored the agreement, so we're going to terminate the agreement and we're going to pull out,' Trump told reporters in Elko, Nevada.

More than 60 infant remains have been removed from a Detroit funeral home. Officers found 36 fetuses in cardboard boxes and 27 more in freezers at Perry Funeral Home.

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Members of Congress have voiced skepticism about Saudi Arabia's explanation that journalist Jamal Khashoggi died during a fight at the consulate in Istanbul on October 2.

The findings were based on the retrospective study of 122,007 patients who went through testing at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, over the course of 23 years, between 1991 and 2014.

The next Mega Millions drawing, taking place October 23, will tie for the largest lottery jackpot in US history, with an estimated $1.6billion payout and a cash option of $904million.

'We're close to finding the body': Turkey scours forest for remains of murdered Saudi journalist as new CCTV footage emerges

As forensic teams continued to scour a forest outside Istanbul, officials suggested that the body of 59-year-old Jamal Khashoggi (left) may have been buried with the help of ‘Turkish collaborators’ with links to the criminal underworld. One Turkish official said: ‘We’ll find out what happened to the body before long.’ Footage has emerged (top right) of the journalist and his fiancee together just hours before his death, while the vans that left the consulate – and which may have contained Mr Khashoggi's body – tried to avoid being tracked (bottom right).

Numan Kurtulmus, deputy head of the Justice and Development Party, made the announcement after Saudi Arabia said hours earlier that the self-exiled reporter died in a 'fight' in its Istanbul consulate.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hit out at Joaquin Castro Friday. He said Jared Kushner may have provided President's Daily Brief to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Thomas Markle reminisces about holding newborn Meghan in his arms

In his first interview since the pregnancy was announced, Mr Markle, 74, (pictured top inset with Caroline Graham) discusses how he felt upon hearing the news on the radio. Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, he said his first thought was about holding newborn Meghan in his arms in Canoga Park Hospital in 1981 (right). Meghan's mother Doria was included in the official statement while her father was left to find out along with the rest of the world.

Researchers have found that those who have Botox treatment to smooth out facial wrinkles are less likely to achieve orgasms.

After Teresa Klein - dubbed Cornerstore Caroline - accused 9-year-old Jeremiah Harvey of assaulting her, folks on Twitter voiced their irritation with the continuation of the names.

'Our father's health can't bear this isolation': Meghan's sister Samantha pleads in letter

Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha (pictured inset with Meghan) has revealed the contents of the letter she hand-delivered to Kensington Palace in early October (pictured left). She admitted that she begs the Duchess of Sussex to reconcile with their ailing father 'before it's too late', citing the fact that he had two heart attacks and is living in 'isolation'. Mr Markle has not met Prince Harry and was not present for his daughter's wedding. The royal couple are currently in touring Australia, where Meghan visited Macarthur Girls High School in Sydney (pictured right).

In a message on his Twitter, Africa's youngest billionaire confirmed the news to his followers after he was abducted by 'white gunmen' nine days ago in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's capital.

The new technique involves surgically removing a tiny section of the testicle, dissecting it, and then retrieving individual sperm cells ‘stuck’ inside.

Trans cyclist defends her championship win after 3rd place competitor complained 'it's NOT

The trans woman UCI Masters Track World Championship cycling gold medalist is defending her win against criticism that it's unfair for her to have competed against cisgender females. Rachel McKinnon, 36 (far right), an assistant professor of philosophy at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, scooped up the top prize during the October 14 race, besting cis females Carolien van Herrikhuyzen (left in group picture) and Jen Wagner-Assali (right in group picture), who took silver and bronze, respectively. The day after McKinnon's win, Wagner-Assali stirred up controversy when she replied to a tweet about the race with her own tweet suggesting that McKinnon was not deserving of winning the 35-44 age bracket. 'I was the 3rd place rider. It's definitely NOT fair,' Wagner-Assali tweeted October 15. Since then, McKinnon has taken to Twitter to defend the validity of her win, while being targeted by trolls and other who believe that she has no business competing against women since she was assigned male at birth.

Relatives describe Denise Closs, the mother of missing 13-year-old Wisconsin girl Jayme Closs, as 'the family angel'. She and her husband were shot in their Barron home on Monday.

Trump blames Democrats for immigration laws as migrants stay at border

President Donald Trump took to his Twitter on Saturday morning to blast Democrats for not working to get proper immigration laws, which he claimed could be finalized in an hour. He said: 'Look at the needless pain and suffering that they are causing. Look at the horrors taking place on the Border. Chuck & Nancy, call me!' (inset) On Friday, members of the caravan of more than 4,000 migrants had burst through a Guatemalan border fence and rushed onto the bridge over the Suchiate River, but many spent the night hungry and forced to bathe in the river.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Moraless shared the news on Thursday as 4,000 migrants were making their way to the Guatemala and Mexican border in an effort to cross over.

Mega Millions players console themselves with funny memes as jackpot soars to RECORD

The United States is caught up in meme mania after the Mega Millions jackpot reached a world record-breaking $1.6billion Friday. Images across the Internet poked fun at the new amount after nobody won the estimated $1billion prize that had ballooned from $868million Wednesday morning. Many social media users linked the new amount to the memorable scene from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, where one of Mike Myers's characters Dr. Evil, demanded $1million ransom money before changing it to $100billion. 

Elin Ersson, 22, purchased a ticket from Gothenburg to Istanbul to stop a man being sent back from Sweden by disrupting the July 23 flight. The man was taken off the flight, but was deported eventually.

So why are an increasing number of rational career women, including teachers, lawyers and doctors, turning to such bizarre practices in an effort to boost their health and wellbeing?

How Eric Clapton used voodoo to steal George Harrison's girl revealed in PHILIP NORMAN's

The song was Layla, and its effect was overwhelming. Listening to it provoked awe that ‘the most powerful, moving song I had ever heard’ should have been written about her, Pattie now recalls, although she was concerned that it would be instantly decoded, not only by her husband, family and friends but by the tens of thousands of strangers who would buy the album it featured on. But, she says: ‘The song got the better of me. I could resist no longer.’ And so, step by step, Pattie surrendered, caught between the rival attentions of Eric and George in music’s best-known love triangle. She also became the rock world’s most famous muse, not only the inspiration for Layla but for Clapton’s other great hit, Wonderful Tonight, and Harrison’s Something.

Afghanistan's long awaited parliamentary election will be extended in some parts of the country after more than 170 voters were killed or wounded in a day marred by deadly attacks and technical glitches.

NFL owners want Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, to buy the Seattle Seahawks after its owner Paul Allen passed away on Monday, leaving the ownership of his sports team up in the air.

'I'm just an innocent bystander': Woman who dumped her friend's toddler on stranger's doorstep blames the boy's own MOM for giving her bad directions and says she only ran away because it was 'chilly' outside

Keairra Woods (main) faces felony child endangerment charges after leaving two-year-old Royal Prince Simmons (top right) in front of a home in Spring, Texas on Wednesday night and running away. Now, Woods blames the boy's mother (inset bottom left) for giving her bad directions to the home of the father (bottom right), calling herself an 'innocent bystander' in the incident that outraged the nation after police released doorbell video. 'At the end of the day, y'all trying to blame me, but it was really the mother's fault. I'm just an innocent bystander,' she said in an interview on Friday.

Republican Rep. Steve King, who is up for re-election, was interviewed by far-right Austrian site Unzensuriert in August where he slammed immigration as 'slow-motion cultural suicide'.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and her Republican challenger, Massachusetts state Rep. Geoff Diehl, clashed in a fierce debate on Friday in Boston, where her DNA test was raised.

Prince Harry gives Invictus Games opening ceremony speech

The Duke of Sussex shared his 'personal joy' at soon becoming a father and hailed the 'Invictus family' as a symbol of strength, honour and optimism as he opened the competition in front of crowds of adoring fans today. Prince Harry and Meghan, wearing a Stella McCartney dress and a coat by Gillian Anderson for Winser London (pictured left and centre together), watched as artists (Laura Wright bottom right) and dancers (bottom left) took to the stage at Sydney Opera House during the glittering opening ceremony. A band with bagpipes performed a rendition of You're the Voice by John Farnham, hailed as Australia's unofficial national anthem, as competitors filed into the iconic venue. The royal couple were greeted by crowds of adoring fans before Harry took to the stage (right) to praise the 'selfless duty' of the athletes taking part in the contest. Some 500 competitors and more than 1,000 of their friends and relatives gathered to watch the Invictus Games, which Harry launched in 2014.

Prince Harry paced the stage with a microphone while Meghan took a seat at the front of the empty Sydney arena and listened attentively as her husband prepared to address the crowds.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle laid a wreath at the ANZAC war memorial in Sydney on Saturday ahead of the first event of the Invictus Games, complete with a touching note.

Shocking video shows savage Florida cop repeatedly punching 14-year-old girl and pinning her to the ground with his knee after she 'back talked him'

A Coral Springs cop in Florida was caught on video pinning a 14-year-old girl on the ground with his knee and punching her three times in the rib cage. Police Department defended the officer saying he acted within policy and they will not launch an investigation. The horrific video has gone viral showing the helpless girl lying face down in the grass with two officers on her. Cops reported to Coral Square Mall after receiving a complaint about 30 unruly teens on Thursday. After escorting away the group, they were called back an hour later and arrested the girl in the video and another male. The girl's mother is distraught following the incident saying: 'He went completely overboard'.

An estimated half a million anti-Brexit campaigners gathered in central London today calling for a second referendum in a demonstration which was dubbed 'The People's Vote March'.

Middle school teacher Patricia Cummings was officially fired from New York City public schools on Friday after allegedly forcing black students in the Bronx to play slaves in January.

Florida still feeling the aftermath of Hurricane Michael one week on

Florida is still feeling the consequences on a devastating hurricane which ravaged parts of the country over a week ago. Over 100,000 Florida homeowners and businesses are still without power more than a week after Hurricane Michael smashed into the Florida Panhandle on a path of destruction that led all the way to the Georgia border. While more than half the outages are in Bay County, where the storm came in between coastal Mexico Beach and Panama City, rural counties had a greater percentage of people without power eight days after the storm.

Non-dairy ‘milks’? As a seasoned investigative food journalist, I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole. So I’m sorry to see that people are forking out more for them than dairy milk.

Right-wing street artist Sabo incorporated the Democratic congresswoman into his latest work, created on top of a billboard advertising the new Halloween movie in West Hollywood.

Daniel Craig looks shaken and stirred six weeks after the birth of his daughter

Daniel Craig's new daughter (inset top with her father) has succeeded where countless Bond villains have failed, leaving the star distinctly shaken AND stirred. The actor was spotted at New York's JFK airport (left, right and inset top) last week lovingly cradling her to his chest. But if his exhausted stare is anything to go by, being a doting dad is proving to be even tougher than saving the world from Spectre.

Tesla on Thursday introduced a new $45,000 version of its Model 3 sedan on its website, launching the car as U.S. tax breaks for Tesla cars are about to decrease.

Ivanka Trump mercilessly roasted on Twitter for misquoting Socrates

Ivanka Trump was mercilessly ridiculed online for incorrectly attributing a motivational quote to the ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates. In a swiftly deleted tweet, the president's daughter and senior White House adviser, 36, posted a quote she attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. 'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new,' Trump tweeted, citing Socrates. However it turned out the quote Ivanka used was from a different Socrates - a fictional gas character from a book by American gymnast Dan Millman. And eagle-eyed Twitter users pulled no punches when it came to correcting Ivanka, posting a series of hilarious comments and memes.

Rumer Willis discusses excruciating tattoo removal after revealing faded ink at amfAR Gala

Rumer Willis has opened up about her decision to remove some of her tattoos. The 30-year-old detailed the 'awful' process, which she undertook to signify a new chapter in her life, at the AmfAR Gala in Beverly Hills on Thursday, revealing that she's having multiple tattoos removed including a the large lion inking on her left shoulder. The eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore said: 'It's awful, it's awful. I'm very lucky that a lot of my big ones were super light - but when people said that it hurt, I just had no idea,


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An estimated half a million anti-Brexit campaigners gathered in central London today calling for a second referendum in a demonstration which was dubbed 'The People's Vote March'.

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Breast cancer survivor hung 'No Breastfeeding Zone' sign during labor

Meghan Koziel, a Pittsburgh resident, requested that she be allowed to post a 'No Breastfeeding Zone' (left) sign over her bed before giving birth to daughter Kendra Jane Koziel, on September 15. Koziel had undergone a double mastectomy in 2015 when she was just 26. She wanted to inform the nurses that her daughter would be fed solely with formula (inset).

FILE - In this Oct. 27, 2016 file photo, recording artist Usher performs at Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2016 at Barclays Center in New York. A Philadelphia songwriter who claims he was cut out of profits and credit from song that was recorded by R&B star Usher has been awarded more than $40 million in damages in a suit that targeted the track's other co-writers. (Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP, File)

A Philadelphia songwriter has been awarded more than $44 million in damages in a suit that targeted the co-writers of a hit Usher song. A jury last week awarded the sum to Daniel Marino.

Queen enjoys sunshine at Royal Ascot Champions Day

The Queen (left) dressed in a flattering blue ensemble was seen arriving at the sunny Ascot Racehorse in Berkshire today to watch the events unfold for the QIPCO British Champions Day. She later presented the prize in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes. As the Queen enjoyed her day at the grand sporting event the Duke of Edinburgh was spotted taking his horses for a stroll through Windsor Great Park (inset). Other stars in attendance included Made in Chelsea star and Queen of the Jungle Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo (centre) as well as TV presenter Carol Vorderman (right) who wore a slick cream leather jacket and pencil skirt.

Barcelona's architectural marvel, which is visited by 4.5 million tourists a year, has finally got its building permit in order. Work on Gaudi's famous church began in 1882 and is set to finish in 2026.

Duchess Sophie Württemberg marries French Count Maximilien d'Andigné

German Duchess Sophie of Württemberg married French aristocrat Count Maximilien d'Andigné at the German Castle of Tegernsee today. After the ceremony the happy couple were brimming with joy as they kissed outside the Saint-Quirin church. Duchess Sophie is the grandchild of Diane, Duchess of Württemberg, daughter of the Orléanist claimant to the French throne, Prince Henri, Count of Paris. Maximilien is a Vice President of price risk management firm Mitsui Bussan Commodities ltd.

James Packer said he was approached by businessman and Liberal party powerbroker Michael Kroger to run for pre-selection in the blue-ribbon seat of Kooyong in Melbourne's east.

Ken and Jane Gremling have shared everything since they got married in 1971, just three weeks after they started dating. But they never expected to receive identical breast cancer diagnoses.

Now that's parallel parking! Incredible footage shows two passenger planes land side by side just meters apart at San Francisco International Airport

Incredible footage shows two planes landing side by side in perfect symmetry at San Francisco Airport.The video shows a United Airlines 747 passenger jet and a smaller American Eagle Aircraft approach the runway from the same direction. The two plans then land in perfect symmetry with the smaller plane just slightly in front as they land on the runway strip which rungs alongside San Francisco Bay. San Francisco Airport is famous for its parallel runways which on occasion have two planes landing in sync. While they look as if they could be just feet apart, The runways are about 750 feet apart and the long camera lens compresses the distance.

Pest control worker Kevin Wiener has captured an extreme close-up of a bald-faced hornet chewing its way out of its incubation cell. The awe-inspiring footage was filmed in Evansville, Indiana.

Conquering the Atlanic: How seafarers from the days of Columbus to modern cargo ships have braved mother nature at her most awesome

A new book explores the history of mankind's attempts to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the dangerous voyages of Columbus to the difficulties modern day cargo ships encounter. Written by highly experienced mariner and journalist Dag Pike, it explores mankind's early efforts to master sailing over the waters right up to more recent days and the challenge of crossing in a record-breaking time. Mr Pike first went to sea aged 16 and has twice been shipwrecked and claims to be the 'most rescued person in the world' during numerous powerboat races, including the Virgin Atlantic Challenger powerboat trips in both 1985, when it sank, and 1986, when it set a new record for speed.

Ryan Mundo, 25, made sure the aircraft safely reached the ground in the middle of the freeway in El Cajon after the engine failed with himself and a 36-year-old student pilot on board Friday morning. 

Lioness kills the father of her three cubs at Indianapolis Zoo

Ten-year-old African lion Nyack died on Monday morning at the Indianapolis Zoo after he was fatally attacked by lioness Zuri, with whom he had three cubs in 2015. He got into a physical confrontation with female lion Zuri and zoo staff reported hearing 'an unusual amount of roaring' at the lion's outdoor yard early Monday morning before the zoo opened to the public. Zoo keepers tried to separate the two but Zury held Nyack by his neck until he stopped moving. A zoo veterinary staff said Nyack died of suffocation according to the necropsy. Nyack and Zuri were housed together for eight years at the zoo and according to staff logs there were no previous signs of aggression.

Scientists at Ohio State University believe papaverine could make the common cancer treatment more effective by controlling how much energy cells need.

Two biology researchers from Georgia State University describe the racial gap, why it eludes scientists, and what we are learning about how to close the gap.

Jamiroquai singer Jay K looks to sell £700,000 worth of supercars

Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay is selling some of his favourite supercars to make room in his garage. Among the items going under the hammer is his McLaren 675 LT which is worth almost £300,000. Also up for sale is his Bullitt replica 1967 Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback; a1996 BMW 850CSi; a Porsche 911 Targa 4S; a 1979 Mercedes 300SL; a 1996 Volvo 850R and a 1989 BMW E30 M3.

The Hubble telescope launched in 1990 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and malfunctioned earlier this month. Chandra also had a gyroscope issue within a week of Hubble's enforced hibernation.

A Texas man touched a woman on a Southwest Airlines flight and then yelled at flight attendants after she moved to a new seat, causing the flight to be diverted.

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How you could soon give the eulogy at your own funeral... with hologram technology that brought Roy Orbison 'back to life'

Florida businessman Carl Minardo is charging people between £15,000 and £38,000 to record 3D hologram videos so they can deliver their own eulogy at their funeral service beyond the grave. The technology has been used to create a hologram of Roy Orbison allowing fans to see him perform his greatest hits.

A native of Wales, the 23-year-old Tegan Nox injured herself in August after jumping out of the ring and onto opponent Rhea Ripley. On Wednesday she revealed the scope of her extensive injuries.

Fancy some alone time with some of the world's most incredible attractions? From the U.S to Italy via London, these are the tours that guarantee you'll be free from interruption.

Marie Antoinette's dazzling jewellery, unseen in public for two centuries, went on show at Sotheby's in London on Friday before going on sale next month in a rare auction of such treasures.

Queen Letizia of Spain cuts a smart figure in blue shirt and pinstriped trousers

The 46-year-old Queen wore a light blue shirt with high-waisted pinstriped trousers as the royal couple greeted locals in Mual on Saturday, after arriving in a navy blue coat. Finishing off her look with a pair of comfortable Oxford shoes with a low heel, she posed for selfies with Mual residents and spoke to local children as the village celebrated its success. The village in north-west Spain was named an 'exemplary community' in the annual Princess of Asturias Awards, named after the couple's 12-year-old daughter Leonor who is the heir to the throne.


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Boy, 3, coats the living room carpet, walls and a new sofa with PAINT

Admin assistant Faye Comber, 25, from Scotland, left her son Olly watching TV for just a few minutes while she got changed upstairs before meeting friends. Faye and fiancé Paul Nelson, who also have eight-month-old son Rory (pictured inset), had just put the finishing touches to their new living room which cost them $5,000. Olly covered the room in paint and managed to damage $1,500 worth of carpet.

A period of high pressure is persisting over the Gulf of Alaska and causing abnormally warm weather and a pocket of hot ocean water. Previous blobs have caused droughts and heatwaves.

Did sick music video portraying 1999 Columbine killers inspire Crimean school shooter who left 20 dead before turning gun on himself?

Images from CCTV allegedly show Vladislav Roslyakov (pictured left) wearing a similar outfit to the portrayal of Eric Harris (pictured right) in a video inspired by the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in the US. Roslyakov wore a white T-shirt with black writing, black tight trousers with his hair combed back and a gun slung over his shoulders. The video features the anti-gun song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People, and although it is not the band's official music video, the song was inspired by school shootings.



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